After-Sales Service
Taking full account of customer benefits, CHENYUA service system runs throughout the whole process from the very beginning of knowing requirements, designing, manufacturing, dispatching to after sales service.
1. Introducing performance of products and providing technical support for security reasons.
2. Dealing with dissatisfaction reasonably and timely and improving product quality continuously.
3. Visiting customers to make on-spot examinations and communicate actively about their needs, then recommend the most suitable and high quality product on the base of lower cost.

Proposing and submitting of dissatisfaction
Proposing of dissatisfaction
Customers can raise dissatisfaction if thinking products are not in accordance with delivery criteria. Below information are requested to provide.
1.type, model and quantity
2.Content of dissatisfaction
3.Purposes of purchasing product
4.Working conditions
5.Unsatisfied aspects
6.Processing requirements( sales return, replacement, compensation)
Submitting of dissatisfaction
After confirming dissatisfaction belong to processing range, please send us contact information and propose treatment scheme that hope to get.

Confirmation of Dissatisfaction
Confirmation of Dissatisfaction
1.Confirmation of an internal investigation
2.Confirmation of a field investigation
Treatment schemes against Dissatisfaction
1.Making an investigation report against dissatisfaction
2.Approving the investigation report against dissatisfaction
3.Sending out the investigation report against dissatisfaction

After consulting the treatment scheme proposed in an investigation report, salesman should negotiate with customer asap and send out the treatment notice. If returning products, please follow our return policy.

Summary and Improvement
Summary against dissatisfaction
1.According to the investigation , analysis reasons, confirm improvement measures and follow up correction result.
Education initiatives towards those people who are responsible for cursoriness
2.Reformation measures towards manufacturing equipment and process
3.Improvement measures towards undesirable quality system
Quality Improvement
Dissatisfaction can help us to learn more about customers' quality requirements. Then, we can improve customers' satisfaction by adjusting quality design and inspecting standard.
Principles of Handling Dissatisfaction
1.Confirm unsatisfactory products are of our company
2.Follow the principle of loss minimization for both parties
3.Treatments will be subject to national standard. If no existing national standard, subject to stipulated standard on the contract.
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